Influence Through Public Speaking
Years 9-10
19th-20th July

This is the advanced course that the Academy of Speakers delivers. It is designed to build influencing skills in young adults. The Academy of Speakers Influence through Public Speaking program will give your child the tools they need to influence people through their ability to construct and deliver a powerful presentation.


In this progressive and stimulating program, we will be teaching your child how to adjust their style, presence and tone to suit the demands of their speech. We will also be teaching your child how to construct a logical argument to sway people to their way of thinking. This will also assist students in their ability to communicate in their daily life.


Influence through Public Speaking


During this program, the students will be taught the key aspects of influencing by :


  • How to use logic and emotion to create a case

  • How to create rapport with the audience instantaneously

  • How to be seen as an authority on a topic

  • How to change tone, vocal intensity and vocabulary to connect with the audience

Practical Public Speaking Skills


Within this program the public speaking skills that they will learn include:


  1. How to build a toolbox of resources you can use in different type of speeches

  2. How to speak effectively on camera

  3. How to adjust your style of speaking when delivering a presentation or report

  4. How to use voice tonality to keep the audience engaged

  5. How to create stage presence by using the physical space provided

  6. How to effectively use hand and facial gestures to reinforce a point.

  7. How to speak off the cuff and portray confidence


What they will learn


By the end of the program, students will have:


  • Learnt how to adjust their style, presence and tone to suit the demands of their speech

  • Learnt how to speak in an impromptu format

  • Learnt techniques to get better at speaking off the cuff

  • Learnt what are the key components of being an influencer and how it can impact their  life


Who will be teaching the course


This course will be run by our experienced coaches. All members of our team have had experience not just in pubic speaking but also in building leadership skills.

Who is this course for?


  • Any student who wants to learn how to speak off the cuff

  • Any student who wishes to be selected for a leadership position at school

  • Any student who wants to learn how to be influential as they enter into the senior years of high school

  • Any student who wants to maximise their stage presence

  • Any student who wants to apply for scholarships to universities


Normanhurst Boys Selective High School

19th-20th July 2018
9:30am - 3pm

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