Is your child full of energy? 

Give your child a platform to express themselves!

Program Overview

Academy of Speakers’ Passionate Performers Program empowers your child to become the superstar they really are by giving them a platform to constructively release their energy through expression.

This program goes over the fundamentals of Theatre, Acting and Drama. Our program additionally goes over:


  1. How to create the mindset to perform in front of any audience. 
  2. How to build the fundamental skillset needed of an effective performer.
  3. How to build a transferable toolset to master any creative expression.

Early Bird pricing

Early Bird price finishes the 15th of December. $139 for general one-day program. $299 for three-day camp.

7-13 Age Range

8am - 6pm
21st January 2020

Main Components


Amongst other things, this program will cover:

  • How to bring characters to life.
  • How to analyse scripts and texts.
  • How to creatively improvise .
  • How to portray confidence through voice.


Amongst other things, this program will cover:


  • How to manage their digital footprint so as not to publish anything that they may regret in the future.

  • How to deal with the distractions of the digital world and maintain focus on school work.

  • How to safely communicate with people anonymously and protect their privacy simultaneously.

  • How to understand  the difference between social media and reality.


Children are taught through fun interactive games and always have a smile on their face.


Children are taught fundamental leadership skills that will help them in any stage of their development.

Safe Environment

What our customers think

Academy of Speakers provides excellent guidance to young people to improve their confidence, resilience and public speaking skills. The dynamic teachers, make their courses fun for the children, whilst empowering their students with essential skills for success in life.
My daughter has really enjoyed attending this workshop over two days. She has learned heaps, enjoyed interacting with peers, comparing notes and exchanging ideas. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.
My son enjoyed the program, and his confidence in public speaking has improved. Even myself as a parent learned a few things to assist our kids to build resilience and confidence at home. Great program and will definitely come back for a future program.

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Frequently asked questions

74% of people suffer from speech anxiety. It is extremely important to teach public speaking from a young age so they gain experience. Public speaking is one of the most valuable skill sets that employers also look for in employees. With it being the number one fear among adults, these programs will give your child an advantage academically and socially. There is no better time than now to set a strong foundation of resilience, confidence and influence through public speaking.

We use conscious, subconscious and unconscious processes to prepare students on how to present. We believe that students need to learn public speaking but more importantly, they need to develop in areas of resilience, confidence and influence to become better leaders. Many leadership skills are not taught at school or done so in a very theoretical manner and students do not value them or see any practical applications.The Academy of Speakers uses the art of public speaking to hone these skills.

Our teaching approach has three main pillars.

The most important factor in all of our coaching is the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of the students. We go to great lengths to ensure that children feel safe during the programs. Parents are encouraged to stay at the premises so they can assist the student if required.

The next pillar is that the student should enjoy the experience.This should be an opportunity for the student to express their creativity and personality in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. It is vital that they see public speaking as a platform to find their own voice and discover their own personality.

It is essential that students associate laughter with public speaking not fear. We engage with them in a number of different ways including games, competitions and experiences. We subtly teach them the theory without them even knowing that they are learning

Lastly we focus on practice, practice and more practice. All of our programs are designed so that students will be presenting 80% of the time. This is unique to our program as many other programs focus more on theory. We create a safe and reinforcing environment where the students receive immediate personalised feedback so that they can adjust their style to make sure they can captivate their audience.

Public speaking is a lifelong skill that can be beneficial in the everyday world. From daily conversations with teachers or peers to speeches for leadership positions and jobs, it is a skill that will come in handy no matter what path your child takes. In addition, public speaking skills can assist your child to acquire higher marks in oral exams, job interviews and scholarships.

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