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Our Story

The Academy of Speakers was co-founded by Kamal Sarma and Kailash Sarma. Kamal Sarma is the CEO of Rezilium, a company that teaches resilience and human connection to leaders in global companies. In addition to his corporate work, he has worked with 800 adolescents on how to build confidence.


When his son, Kailash Sarma, was in Year 4, he experience a period of traumatic bullying. Kailash went from absolutely loving school to dreading school; even going so far as pretending he was sick to avoid it. Unfortunately, counselling strategies were not effective in rebuilding Kailash’s confidence in the classroom.


To assist, Kamal started to teach Kailash public speaking skills. Kamal taught him tips and techniques that he was sharing with senior executives on how to forge resilience and develop self-confidence. After a few months of practicing, Kailash was able to regain his self confidence and even sought out opportunities to present in class. Kailash’s new-found skills gave him the confidence to run for a leadership role, and he was awarded vice-captain by his school.


Kailash had discovered his passion, and he started practicing earnestly. He was then chosen to speak at the Opera House in front of two thousand people. Seeing how well these skills benefitted Kailash, Kamal and Kailash founded the Academy of Speakers to teach essential life skills through public speaking. After participating in countless public speaking programs, Kailash realised that none of them incorporated the vital leadership principles such as resilience, confidence and influence. The Academy of Speakers’ main goal is to provide the extra insight other programs overlook and to create the next generation of leaders.

Our Founders

Kamal Sarma

Kamal Sarma is one of the world’s leading experts on resilience and human connection, with a particular focus on creating resilient leaders, so they can go on to create resilient organizations. Kamal is the CEO of Rezilium which is a strategic leadership development firm. Kamal Sarma has presented a Ted Talk on communication and has 20 years of experience in being a keynote speaker globally.

Kamal has held senior executive positions in organizations including McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, StGeorge Bank and AMP Capital Investors. Kamal has also been the co-founder of two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sector.


Kamal, in his role as CEO of Rezilium, has conducted leadership programs for a number of top tier organizations such as Google, Facebook , T Rowe Price, Bank of New York Mellon, Reserve Bank of Australia, Deloitte, PwC, Ernst and Young, Westpac, Biogen, Commonwealth Bank and ING Global


Kamal is the author of the international bestseller Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk. He speaks globally on resilience and leadership. Kamal’s book, THE LEADERSHIP LEAP- (Un)Learning how to lead, was featured on TEDx. His latest book is WinWin Conversations: The Art and Science of Human Connection



He is currently the Chair of RUOK’s Conversation Think Tank.

Kailash Sarma

Kailash Sarma was bullied at primary school and as a result struggled with his self confidence. He went from loving school to making any excuse not to go. He would make himself physically sick so as not to present in front of the class. Seeing this Kamal Sarma (Kailash’s father)  trained him in public speaking using the 4C Model which also embedded resilience and self confidence techniques in the training. The result was that Kailash became a more skilled public speaker but also his self-esteem and confidence returned.


From this training Kailash has been able to secure numerous leadership positions such as Vice-Captain and he was chosen to present at the Opera house in front of 2,000 people. He has gone on to win a number of awards in public speaking and debating and has represented his selective high school at a regional level.


He noticed how many students would benefit from learning public speaking as well as essential leadership competencies that have not been taught at school. By being a co-founder of Academy of Speakers, his main goal is to ensure that all programs are student centric while learning leadership attributes through public speaking.

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