Confidence Through Public Speaking
Years 7 -9
4th - 5th May 2019

This is the intermediate course that the Academy of Speakers delivers. It is designed to build confidence and self esteem in young adolescents. The Academy of Speakers Confidence through Public Speaking program will give your child an added advantage as they embark into the early years of high school.


Academically, this will benefit your child when they are presenting oral exams.  Additionally, the junior years of high school are extremely important to build a strong foundation of public speaking as many see it a precursor to gaining leadership positions within a school. In this interesting and intuitive course, your child will learn how to present a unique speech in a captivating way. We will also be teaching the core foundations of how to build confidence and how to apply these principles into their everyday life.

Confidence and through Public Speaking


During this program, the students will be taught the key aspects of gaining confidence by :


  • How to be assertive on stage and project their voice with confidence

  • How to use their physiology and posture to feel more confident and to portray this confidence to the audience

  • How to accept the fear of failure and use it productively

  • How to use visualisation techniques to gain confidence and to prepare subconsciously for a delivering a memorable speech.

Practical Public Speaking Skills

Within this program the public speaking skills that they will learn include:


  1. How to create a eureka moment to make your speech memorable

  2. How to speak effectively on camera

  3. How to build an idea to create a captivating speech

  4. How to create a unique presentation style that is particular to you

  5. How to use rhetorical questions to engage the audience

  6. How to use your body to connect with your audience

  7. How to craft a story that is compelling while enthralling the audience

What they will learn


By the end of the program, students will have learnt:


  • How to take responsibility for the impact that they have when they speak

  • How to celebrate their achievements on a daily basis

  • How to properly tell a story to the audience which will inspire action in others

  • How to create a unique speaking style

  • Visualisation techniques to gain confidence

Who will be teaching the course


This course will be run by our experienced coaches. All members of our team have had experience not just in pubic speaking but also in building leadership skills.


Who is this course for?

  • Any student who is seeking to build greater levels of confidence

  • Any student who wishes to be selected for a leadership position at school

  • Any student who wants to create their own unique presenting style.

  • Any student who wants to excel at oral examinations



Normanhurst Boys Selective High School

4th - 5th May 2019
9:30am - 3pm

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